The Results

Accedo delivers value and real cost savings under the most experienced and seasoned team of managers in the Nearshore industry.

Our bi-lingual, well-trained and highly motivated customer interaction employees make separate call centers for Spanish speaking customers unnecessary and, at the same time, are closely attuned to the American Culture.

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Competitive Advantage

World Class Delivery

World Class Delivery: Ranked scorecard Global BPO Vendor for Fortune 100 & Private Tech Clients.

Experience In

Experience In: Retail, E-commerce, Telecom, Cable, Mobile, Satellite, Financial Services, Healthcare, CPG & Professional Services.


Technology: Partner with Leading Customer Technology Firms.


Multilingual: 100% English & 100% Spanish


Nearshore: EST/CST Timezones, Cultural Awareness, Proximity to the U.S.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient: Our average client saves 50%+ in Service & Operating costs annually.

Scale Fast

Scale Fast: Delivered New 600 agents in 3 months & hit all SLAs in 60 days.

Data Protection

Data Protection: Security & Compliance with U.S. Privacy Data Laws & Regulations.

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Case Study

#1 U.S. Luxury Retail Brand

  • Reduction Handle Time (Sustained)
  • Quality and Analytics
  • Growth CSAT and Tech Resolution Rates

Rapid Ramp for a Tech client

Onboarding 600 agents in 22 days


Problem Statement:

- Spike in client vols due to COVID-19 (online delivery orders up to 500%)

- Staffing issue at other offshore sites - 70% Shrink Levels

Accedo Solution:

- Multi site map plan of 600 agents within 22 Days

- Deployed multi skill agents (Voice, Chat & Back-office) to ensure service levels across LoB's can be managed

- Combination of W@H model and office staff

- Customized WFM and Training Solutions modules to meet client needs


Reduction Handle Time

(Q2, 2020) AHT improvements driven by fast, scale, in-depthQA call analysis; with constant QA and TL feedback & Coaching.

Week 1Week 5


Vector 1

MTD: 474.49



(Q2, 2020) QA improvements driven by in-depthQA customer call sentiment analysis. We understand Fast what our customers concerns are.

Week 1Week 5


Vector 2

MTD: 79.22%


Week 1: Agents were focused on providing the best customer servicer along with proper procedures.

Week 5: We were able to find the balance between correct procedures and customer satisfaction for new hires and tenures agents.

  • AHT Reduction: -14 seconds
  • QA-CSAT Mapping: +7 pts
  • Sales Improvement: +22%